Azadeh Pirazimian

Multidisciplinary Artist

Azadeh  Pirazimian is an Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, art instructor  based in Toronto and a former lecturer from Iran. Through her practice, she  actively investigates prevailing power structures, social norms and conventions  while focusing on belonging, womanhood and everyday resistances. Her interests  are a matter of representation, collaboration as practice, feminist  politics  and intersectionality. She aims to initiate methods within her art practice to  create space for dialogue. Azadeh's artistic approach combines different  disciplines, including photography, video, performance art, painting and  illustration, while her methodology is consistent. Over the years, her works  have been showcased at several exhibitions in Iran, Canada and the Netherlands.  In her most current body of works, "I have Become Red," She  offers a critical view of a socio-political and cultural issue over "Being  Silenced." either by one's self or society.



2018 "They Are Around', Toronto Centre for the Art ,Toronto, Canada

2017 "They Had Not Read the News", Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

2017 "They are Around", City Hall, Toronto, Canada

2016 "They Had Not Read the News", Mekic Gallery ,Montreal, Canada

2010 "People Around", Faculty of Art and Architecture - Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2008 "People Around", Khatam Gallery, Rasht, Iran

2005 "Nature", Bahonar Kerman University, Kerman, Iran


2017Dinner with Friends, the Museum of Volkenkunde, Leiden,Netherlands

2017 "The Precious Land", Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada

2017 "Communication", Capital One Group, Toronto, Canada

2017 "Art for Social Justice", Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, Canada

2017 "7C" , Cahoots Theatre30 Gala, Toronto, Canada

2017 "New Canadian" Life, The Scope - Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

2017 "7C", Nowruzgan, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada

2016 "They Had Not Read" the News, Workman Arts, Toronto, Canada

2016 "Movement", Mural Routes, Toronto, Canada

2015 "Everyday Life", True North Foundation, Toronto, Canada 

2010 "Guilan Province Painters", Bahman Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2001 "Nature",  San’ati Museum, Kerman, Iran


2021 “Understanding migrations through performativity, culture and the visual arts”- IBERO University, Mexico City, Mexico

2018 “Trust-an artistic journey”- Markham Artist Group, Markham, Canada

2017 "Dinner with Friends" Center for the Arts and Society of Universityof Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands

2017  “Trust-an artistic journey”- Oasis Toronto Secular Community, Toronto, Canada

2016 "The wall of color"- Mural Routes Non for Profit Organization, Toronto, Canada


2021Performed online The Woman I Want” directed by artist Gita Hashemi, Toronto, Canada

2017Performed “Save Arash”, dedicated to an Iranian political prisoner, Toronto, Canada

2010 Read the script “The Glass Menageries” in Tehran Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2005Played in “The Chinese Wall” directed by Yaddollah Aghaabbasi, Kerman, Iran

2000Played in “Kachal-e- Kaftar baaz” a folk scriptdirected by Ali Haaj Ali  AsgariIran, Rasht,Iran

1998  Played in “Red, White, Green” directedby Farideh Daryamaj                              Rasht,Iran


2021 "RBCSpace Award", Toronto Art Arts Foundation                                         Toronto, Canada

2017"Social Commentary, Eyes of Society" - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair       Toronto, Canada

2017 "ArtEncounter Program Grant", Toronto Art Council                                  Toronto, Canada

2016"RBC Art Access Fund", Toronto Art Foundation                                            Toronto, Canada

2016 “Training,college, and University Fund”, Thorncliffe Employment Service Toronto, Canada

2005 "TheBest Actress Award Winner", International Fajr Festival                         Tehran, Iran

Committeeand Jury Member

2020"RBC Newcomer Artist Award",Toronto Art Council,  JuryMember      Toronto,Canada


2010Master’s degree in Visua Communication                                                                     Tehran, Iran

2005Bachelor’s degree in Painting, Shahid Bahonar Kerman University               Kerman,Iran

2000Diploma in Graphic Design,Moein College                                                                      Rasht, Iran

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